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The New Demographics of Bexar County

Next on the list: Bexar County. A couple of interesting things are visible with this county. It becomes a pure majority Hispanic county at the Total Population level, yet remains a pure majority Anglo county at the Citizen, Voting-Age population level. Given the county's status as a swing county in political terms, it wouldn't surprise me if the same was true at the start of the last decade, as well.

Share of:     Population          CVAP
Anglo         519,123 (30.3%)   528,052 (51.2%)
Hispanic    1,006,958 (58.7%)   397,191 (38.5%)
Afr-Am        118,460  (6.9%)    76,458  (7.4%)
Asian          39,561  (2.3%)    15,339  (1.5%)
TOTAL       1,714,773         1,031,510


And the block group view of the county doesn't seem to offer many surprises in terms of population patterns. If there's any interesting insights from those closer to the ground out in San Antonio, feel free to let me know if you see anything that looks surprising. What is more of a story with Bexar County is the growth patterns on the northern side of the county. So I may need to spend a little time digging into that aspect of the county.

As always, the color code for the map below is as follows: Red - Anglo-majority Census block group; Orange - Hispanic-majority Census block group; Black - African-American-majority Census block group; Yellow - no majority within Census block group (Multicultural). The math below the map shows the composition of the Multicultural block groups.

Map: Total Population (default) - CVAP
(right click and open in a new window for full-page view of each)

As for how much of the population is represented in each of the majority-populated areas, here's the math for that ...

Share within majority block group:

           POPULATION          CVAP
Anglo:    374,075 (21.8%)   330,555 (32.0%)
Hispanic: 985,455 (57.5%)   485,505 (47.1%)
Afr-Am:     7,015  (0.4%)    15,080  (1.5%)
Multi:    348,228 (20.3%)   200,370 (19.4%)



           POPULATION          CVAP
Anglo:    128,584 (36.9%)    82,290 (41.1%)
Hispanic: 148,324 (42.6%)    80,560 (40.2%)
Afr-Am:    45,225 (13.0%)    28,358 (14.2%)
Asian:     16,177  (4.6%)     4,656  (2.3%) 


One minor curiosity from these numbers is that the share of population living in Anglo-majority block groups drops from the share of overall Anglo population ... and by quite a bit (30.3% to 21.8%) ... and even among CVAP (51.2% to 32.0%). That says quite a bit about the population density within Hispanic-majority and Anglo-majority block groups.

If you want to play around with this in Google Earth, here's the KMZ file for that.

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