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Chasing Obama 2012: Rise of the Super PACs

July 11, 2011 Politics-2012 No Comments

With end-of-quarter fundraising deadlines past and campaign treasurers cooking the books around the clock before the reports have to be turned in on the 15th, the Washington Post profiles the rise of Super PACS.

Elsewhere, and as always … there is polling. PPP polls New Hampshire GOP voters and gets the following results:

Romney – 25%
Bachmann – 17%
Palin – 11%
Paul – 9%
Perry – 7%
Cain – 7%
Huntsman – 6%
Pawlenty – 6%
Gingrich – 4%

WMUR’s poll of NH GOP voters found the following:

Romney – 35%
Bachmann – 12%
Paul – 7%
Giuliani – 7%
Perry – 4%
Palin – 3%
Pawlenty – 3%
Huntsman – 2%
Cain – 2%
Gingrich – 1%
Santorum, Johnson, Roemer – <1%

PPP is an automated poll and WMUR's appears to be live-person polling. Draw your own conclusion for how that impacts any of the differences seen in the numbers.

Bachmann is the big story out of both polls, due to her pronounced bounce from both previous polls. Perry's 7% in PPP and 4% in WMUR is the biggest benchmark for how the next poll shows him doing in NH.

On with the candidates ...

More or Less “In It”

Mitt Romney … Turns out that $20M was a rounding error. Mitt officially clocked in at $18.25M for Q2. The SuperPAC raised an additional $12M, so a combined $30M bang for the pro-Mitt buck isn’t necessarily terrible, though it is short of the $50M that Mitt had hoped to raise just on the campaign side of things. Team Obama is still expected to lead the herd with $60M.

Tim Pawlenty … New ad up in Iowa. Speculation about an early exit is offset by finally campaigning in Iowa.

Herman Cainwinner of the Cobb County GOP Independence Day Celebration straw poll. Hey, that’s something!

Jon Huntsman … Utah congressman endorses Romney. US Senator, State Attorney General, and a gaggle of other state-level electeds endorse Romney. Kinda sums it up for the Huntsman campaign.

Ron Paul … $75k for radio ads in Iowa.

Rick Santorum … You know it’s tough to run against an incumbent when you claim that they’ve “only” created 240M jobs.

Michele Bachmann … Bachmann goes up in Iowa, but Ben Smith reports the ad buy is particularly small. When Michele Met Kathy.

Thaddeus McCotter … still waiting for McCotter to actually make any news. By comparison, Buddy Roemer looks pretty media-savvy.

Buddy Roemer … If only Louisiana held first-in-the-nation caucuses, the guy might have better odds.

Newt Gingrich … It seems like just yesterday that New Gingrich announced for President, saw the majority of his staff swim for the life boats as they escaped the sinking ship … and now the guy is $1M in debt after raising about $2.5M. Are they having Tiffany’s print bumper stickers?

Gary Johnsonthis space reserved for when Gary Johnson makes or warrants news.

Addicted to Publicity “Thinkin’ About It”

Rick Perry … With back surgery now done with, he’s lining up the support of the big-name crazy pastors. Steve Mostyn vows to take Back to Basics national in order to beat up on Rick Perry.

Even Slower News Weeks

David DukeSeriously?

The Candidate Formerly Known as the Former Governor of Alaska … Maybe not “Undefeated” (unless you ignore that minor election in 2008), but definitely unloved by the people of Alaska. Whatever, she’s trademarking her name. Feel free to register that as a clue for or against her actual running for President.

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