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Chasing Obama 2012: The Uneventful Response

August 7, 2011 Politics-2012 No Comments

A slightly different format for this week’s campaign roundup (after a week off last week, no less). The way I see the aggregation of news for the campaign cycle really doesn’t match with a candidate-by-candidate snapshot. Instead, it really comes down to this: Obama still ramping up anything resembling a visible “campaign”; Rick Perry still trying to play coy for attention that will surely subside after he’s been an actual announced candidate for any period of time, and a very telling situation with a mystery donor to a Romney Super PAC.

The latter item might have been a minor deal if it weren’t for what is likely to follow – a lot of shell companies donating money in a way that begins to totally undo the transparency of campaign finance laws. All brought to you by the John Roberts Supreme Court, ladies and gentlemen. Given the issues with the Pakistani military trying to do a laughable job of influencing American politics, the Romney donor now lays bare a template for any other entity to follow.

» NY Times: Obama Team Turns Its Focus to Tough Re-election Fight

The Obama camp gears up into campaign mode (complete with bus tour).

“Right now, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and all of these Republicans are just a blank slate,” said David Plouffe, Mr. Obama’s senior strategist and his 2008 campaign manager. “I can assure you this will be made a choice for the American people. And, I tell you, right now the American people in overwhelming numbers don’t want to go back to the same policies that got us into this mess.”

Mr. Obama’s advisers say the plan now is to get the president out of Washington more often and into communities where he can try to show people, on a more intimate level, how the changes he has made have helped their local economies. Advisers describe a campaign shaping up more as individual state campaigns than a national campaign, attentive to the issues and demographics in each place.

» Chron: Perry offers praise, prayer but little on politics

I’m sure that much more will be made of this than is worthwhile. As far as the crowd estimation game, the numbers seems to be around 30,000, which was more than the lowball-spin of “only 8,000 registered online” and less than a sellout. But on par with a day of high school playoff football games held at a comparable stadium. If there’s any impact that the event will have on Perry’s re-election, it will be negligible-at-best after his boots have been put down in Iowa for a good solid week. We’ll see what kind of candidate he is on a national stage when he actually hits the stage.

» Chron: 13 Texans looking to unseat Obama in 2012

Only one and a half of them are credible candidates for the GOP nomination. The rest just make for an entertaining read.

» Wash. Post: Mystery firm gives $1M to Romney, then folds
» Wash. Post: Mystery pro-Romney donor revealed

I’m sure this would have been equally under-the-radar if such a contribution were made to the Obama campaign or one of it’s Super PACs.

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