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2008-12 CVAP Majority Map of Harris/Ft. Bend Counties

A cartographic update here in light of the Census bureau's release of block group-level CVAP data. The change from previous years is obviously incremental. I've added Fort Bend, Brazoria, and Galveston to the mix for this map in order to see how demographic change looks across county borders.

For the uninitiated or those in need of a reminder, here's the story this tells:

- The color-coding in this map notes which demographic group has a majority within a Census block group among Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP). Red is for Anglos, Black is for African-American, Orange is for Hispanic, Green is for Asian, and Yellow is for no majority (in my terminology, "Multicultural").

- At a precise level, it's worth remembering that CVAP is an estimate and a few grains of salt should be taken for an individual block group's change or specific counts. I didn't include a boundary outline for blog groups for that reason. Perhaps more useful is seeing how the clusters of red, black, orange, green, and yellow move over time. And there's a handy side-by-side comparison map for just that purpose. Professor Klineberg does a nifty job of demonstrating this over the last several decades.

With that, here's what the map looks like this year:

full pageGoogle Earth file

And just to keep score on population counts within the specific clusters, here's that information with a comparison to the 2007-11 counts. Also included is what the composition of the "Multicultural" cluster looks like.

Harris County

Share within:
            2007-11             2008-12
Anglo:    1,099,585 (48.3%)   1,094,795 (47.0%)   
Hispanic:   280,445 (12.3%)     305,100 (13.1%)   
Afram:      355,725 (15.6%)     368,940 (15.8%)   
Asian:        4,715  (0.2%)       4,620  (0.2%)   
Multi:      536,480 (23.6%)     554,510 (23.8%)   

Within Multicultural:
Anglo:      171,718 (32.0%)    175,193 (31.6%)
Hispanic:   161,174 (30.0%)    164,895 (29.7%)
Afram:      146,177 (27.2%)    150,568 (27.2%)
Asian:       50,373 (9.4%)      55,483 (10.0%)

Fort Bend County

Share within:
            2007-11             2008-12
Anglo:      155,760 (46.1%)     157,495 (44.6%)
Hispanic:    19,115  (5.7%)      19,265  (5.5%)
Afram:       43,005 (12.7%)      44,400 (12.6%)
Asian:        5,520  (1.6%)       8,230  (2.3%)
Multi:      114,440 (33.9%)     123,665 (35.0%)

Within Multicultural:
Anglo:       36,765 (32.1%)      39,960 (32.3%)
Hispanic:    21,625 (18.9%)      22,965 (18.6%)
Afram:       29,210 (25.5%)      31,055 (25.1%)
Asian:       25,430 (22.2%)      27,995 (22.6%)

I actually got the statewide counts uploaded into a database over the weekend (#partylikearockstar), so I'll be revisiting all of the major population centers in Texas soon enough. Hopefully, I'll invent some time to look at a few more major population areas around the nation that I haven't done before. I haven't done New York City yet, so there's obviously some biggies on my to-do list. If there's anything of interest outside of Texas, feel free to let me know.

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  1. Do you have a breakdown of Brazoria County?
    Our #’s suggest we have a great chance to put a Dem in County office this year

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