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Loose Ends: 12/01/09

» Obama gives his big Afghanistan speech tonight, and is expected to call for ~30k more troops and a revised strategy. This is pretty much the kind of moment that Thomas PM Barnett was made for. But I'll also be looking to see how much of Maj. Jim Gant's influence is in the final edit.

» Gene Locke tries to run out the clock on his endorsement by rightwing nut, Steve Hotze. Which reminds me ... don't you normally try to run out the clock when you're ahead in the game???

» Andrew Sullivan draws an historical lesson from the recent Swiss ban on minarets.

» The Liberty Bowl has hosted the C-USA champ since 1997. So why is there suddenly a ruckus over the literal reading of their contract, which stipulates that they merely have "first choice" of C-USA bowl-eligible teams? I'm not sure who should be more paranoid over that: us Coogs, or East Carolina fans. I guess it comes down to which you believe more: the constant, historical slighting of UH in sports, academia, and pretty much everything else; or that Case Keenum sure would be a nice TV draw for the Liberty Bowl.

» Wixon & Dent preview next week's playoff games from a Metroplex perspective.

» I'm still not sure what to make of an NFL where the New Orleans Saints are considered a powerhouse. What next? ... up is down? ... black is white? ... cats and dogs living together?

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