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The Kevin Kolb Era: Coda?

Looks like it just isn't meant to be ...

Kolb was the most notable transaction. He was supposed to compete with rookie EJ Manuel for the starting job, but that contest didn’t materialize.

Kolb had a knee injury early in training camp, left the team for a funeral in his family and then suffered a concussion in the third preseason game. The Bills couldn’t afford to leave a precious roster spot vacant while they waited for Kolb to recover from such a serious and unpredictable injury.

Now there are concerns his career could be over.

Kolb went in with more to prove that he wasn't deserving of the label "injury-prone" than whether he had the tools to be an NFL starter. One rubber mat and a knee to the head later, and I think the guy might be best off taking his savings and start the next chapter. A damn shame, but it is what it is.


The Kevin Kolb Era: Let’s Try This One More Time

» Buffalo News: Bills add Kolb to quarterback mix

I can't say I'm crazy about the fit, but it's a gig and as good of an opportunity that I think Kolb can find these days. I'm not sure what kind of offense Chan Gailey runs up north, but I've always seen Kolb as a good fit for anything that favors a high-percentage passing office (Philly's West Coast style was as good as the NFL offers). Injuries, of course, are perhaps a bigger issue with Kolb. Proving he can go through a majority of the season as the designated starter would be a very welcome first.

But in any event, I'll be watching Bills games with more interest than I have since Jim Kelly left the USFL.


Kevin Kolb > Tom Brady

Things that amuse me greatly ...

Kolb starts the season, nominally, with a 2-0 record now. His stat line certainly wasn't better than Brady, nor was it in line with what you'd expect of an Andy Reid-taught QB to produce. But the season goes one week at a time. It'll be interesting to see how much this fuels a legitimate QB controversy in Arizona.


The Kevin Kolb Era … v2.1

» AZ Republic: What a relief: Arizona Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb takes short route to redemption
» AZ Republic: Arizona Cardinals edge Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 of NFL season

Not quite how it was scripted, but for the few of us remaining Kevin Kolb fans ... we'll take it.

All Kolb did is what Skelton made a habit of doing a year ago: directing a scoring drive from an offense that tends to spend whole quarters in dormancy.

Many of the 60,032 in attendance booed when Kolb entered with 8:18 remaining, and it didn't help when he overthrew receiver Larry Fitzgerald on the first play.

But using a no-huddle scheme, Kolb quickly found a rhythm. He completed 6 of his next 7, including a 6-yard touchdown to Andre Roberts that gave the Cardinals a 20-16 lead with 4:59 left.

"It was pretty special, I'm not going to lie," Kolb said. "To win a game in that fashion, after the way the preseason went, I'll definitely enjoy it."

It appears Kolb will be the starter for at least the next several weeks. The Cardinals will know more about Skelton's condition Monday, but the best scenario seems to be that he has a high ankle sprain.

No definitive word on how long Skelton is out. But the early ballpark estimates seem to suggest 3-6 weeks. If nothing else, it sounds like Kolb will have some time to show what he's made of by the time Skelton is fully ready to play.

Oh yeah ... and the Texans won and the RGIII vs Luck comparisons begin with RG in the lead. I think I managed to catch the end of the Green Bay v 49ers game over the opening weekend. Improvement is definitely needed on my part.


The Kevin Kolb Era: Now or Never

» Arizona Republic: Kevin Kolb injured as Arizona Cardinals lose to New Orleans Saints

Ugh ...

Quarterback Kevin Kolb's first pass was intercepted, and he suffered a bruised rib muscle and diaphragm on his fourth attempt and did not return.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said the injury didn't appear serious and that it was possible Kolb would practice this week.

The Cardinals looked like a team playing its first preseason game in the 17-10 loss Sunday at Fawcett Stadium.

The Saints did not.

Unfortunately, this was supposed to be the third consecutive season that Kevin was either functionally or officially tabbed as the starting QB. I'm obviously rooting for him. So you can imagine my pain in seeing another outing like this.


Chuck Norris hides when he sees Kevin Kolb approaching …

» AZ Republic: Arizona Cardinals QBs share Texas bond

Once, [Kolb] was walking with his future wife when they encountered an angry western diamondback. Kolb took off his boot, put it at the end of stick and dangled it in front the snake. According to a published report, the snake struck the boot 10 times before giving up the battle.

Kolb then picked up the snake, took out his gun with the other hand and shot the snake in the head. He removed its rattles with a pocket knife, keeping them as a good-luck charm. He was 17 at the time.

Kolb confirmed the encounter Tuesday, adding that he knew a rattlesnake feigns death when its bite has no effect on an intruder. But the rattles have lost their significance.

"Oh, I've got a bunch," he said.

Just two months ago, Kolb took down another rattler with a perfectly thrown rock. Such accuracy surely bodes well for the future.

For more technical football updates on Kolb's progress, the Cardinal's have a pretty good snapshot of the situation posted on their blog. Friday night has the Cards playing the Packers. Regular season can't get here soon enough for me.


Preseason Among Us

Five practices with his new team later ...

» AZ Republic: Cards get answers in preseason opener

Given the timeframe that teams had for preparation, Kolb's line wasn't the most important thing in the world. But for whatever it's worth, not bad for one quarter of play:

Kolb played through the first quarter, completing 4 of 7 passes for 68 yards, including a long of 43 yards to Larry Fitzgerald.

Kolb-to-Fitzgerald may be one of the more entertaining things to watch for this season. But given Kolb's problem of keying on his first option in Philly, it may of some interest to compare Fitz's productivity with Kolb against his productivity with Kurt Warner.


The Kevin Kolb Era … 2.0

It is done ...

Coverage from elsewhere ...

» ESPN: The Cardinals' big bet on Kevin Kolb
» Arizona Republic: Arizona Cardinals' trade for QB Kevin Kolb is all but done
» Philly Inq: Kolb-for-Rodgers-Cromartie trade done

For the record, I have priced out a potential trip to see the Cardinals play and eagerly await the precise second that I can purchase a #4 Cardinals replica jersey. Kolb always looked better in red anyway.


The Odds of Kolb Being in Philly Next Season

» NFL Network: Pondering the future of Kevin Kolb

I can't say I'd be shocked if Kevin Kolb spent another year in Philadelphia - either due to the labor agreement not being done in time for the draft, or for the Eagles insisting on too steep of a price for him. The NFL Network's Michael Lombardi seems to think returning to Philly might be at the top of the probability rankings ...

There’s also the distinct possibility, due to all the factors involved, the Eagles simply decide to ride with Kolb during the second and final year of his contract.

“I think he’s worth a lot more to the Eagles than he would be to most of the other teams in the NFL, with the exception, perhaps, of the Browns,” Lombardi told NFL Network. “I think he’s more valuable to the Eagles because of the durability issues with [Vick]. If I let him go for a third- or fourth-round pick, am I really helping my team? I’d rather have him play out the year in the backup role and then let him go to free agency. … For the Eagles, it either has to be a first-round pick, or keep him.”

Lombardi adds that the Eagles would get a compensatory 3rd round pick, assuming that that's still a part of the new labor agreement (whenever it gets done), if Kolb were to leave after his contract is up next year. That's a factor I'd forgotten about and strikes me a huge, since it raises the bar for the Eagles' asking price and means they won't get nothing if they have him back next season. Still, the Cody Carlson and Danny White experiences I've witnessed in my time don't bode well for good quarterbacks left on the shelf too long.

Of course, there are other factors at work. Like All Pro receivers telling their team that the QB they want throwing the ball is the kid out of Houston. Especially when said All Pro receivers are up for free agency next season. It'll be interesting to see which side of the tug-of-war battle wins out, but the first contest is going to be getting the labor deal done by Draft Day. Otherwise, I tend to think the odds of Kolb backing up Vick in Philly for another season increase greatly.


Super Bowl XLV: The Trinity Connection

» ESPN Dallas: Nance hopes homecoming ends with Super win

I can't claim to have a major rooting interest in this year's Super Bowl - normally, I root for the AFC. But the Steelers have been an exception since 1978 (yes, I luved my blue as a child!). Former Trinity RB Dmitri Nance being on the Packers probably nudges me over to the NFC this time around ...

Dimitri Nance is not quite sure if he will be the first Euless Trinity grad to be in a Super Bowl when Green Bay takes on Pittsburgh on Sunday at Cowboys Stadium, but he’s glad to just be along for the ride.

Nance signed with Atlanta as an undrafted free agent last April and the Packers signed him off the Falcons’ practice squad on Sept. 14. He finished the year with 95 yards on 36 carries and has been inactive [f]or two of the Packers’ three playoff games.

I'm not ordering a cheesehead hat anytime soon - especially as long as the Vikings are in the Kevin Kolb sweepstakes. But it wouldn't be a bad deal to see Nance earn a ring for his troubles.

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