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How To Create an Instant Media Firestorm

March 6, 2011 Faith 2 Comments

… if you’re Rob Bell, it’s as easy as writing another book.

» NY Times: Pastor Stirs Wrath With His Views on Old Questions
» Christianity Today: Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell: Putting the Pastor in Context
» Greg Boyd: Rob Bell is NOT a Universalist (and I actually read “Love Wins”)

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Christian artist/musician/pastor/blogger/whatever uses a certain four letter word and boatloads of other Christians go nuts describing them as heretic. That word: love. Derek Webb can now step down as the most recent poster child of whipping post on that battlefront. Rob Bell now supplants him. And it’s pretty familiar turf for Bell. Here’s the offending video:


As far as reactions go, I’ll let Greg Boyd’s speak for mine save for the fact that I’ve not read any of the previews yet. I generally enjoy Bell’s sermons, but the way that that translates to his writing style is a bit outside of my acquired taste. Of course, I might not be interested at all in picking the book up, but now I’m kinda curious to see how badly Bell’s critics have missed the mark.

The Week In Podcasting: Here’s the stuff I’ve had on my podcast agenda for the week. It’s amazing how every once in a while, the pastors of all the churches I listen to seem to turn things over to a guest-speaker.

» Ecclesia Houston: Press On, Towards Home (Jack Wisdom)
» Woodland Hills Church: Growing Our Faith (Seth McCoy)
» Mars Hill: A Spiritually-Shaped Life (Steve Argue)
» Northland: Wise Investments (Joel Hunter)

Sidenote: I’ve shelved my blog at faithbasedblog.com, so hopefully I’ll get in the habit of adding a regular Sunday post that more or less captures some of the subject matter aimed at that site. It may be a newsy item such as this, it might be a riff from one of the past week’s sermons that piqued my interest the most. There’s probably no telling.

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