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Drilling Down to Block Groups: Harris County

March 12, 2011 Census Stuff, Houston/Harris 3 Comments

Something I’ve been meaning to do a little earlier in the Census release process … here’s the same basic maps you saw here. Again, these identify the majority demographic group. Except that instead of using the Census Tract level, I’m now using Census Tract block groups. These are basically one or two or three slices of each tract. What that means is that you get more of a more granular feel for what the makeup of the neighborhood is like. To the extent that it helps anyone, I’ve also updated the side-by-side maps to display the two new blockgroup-level maps below.

There’s one level below this – that would be the individual block level. I’m not getting into that one on the blog. As demonstrated here, that’s really getting into a lot of nitty-gritty. As you might pick up from these new maps, leaving the boundary of the blockgroups outlined muddles the coloration of the blockgroup itself. In other words, the more zoomed out you are, the more you see the color of the outlines than the color of the shapefile. I could leave out the boundaries to make it clearer, but I have a tendency to want to know what areas each group picks up. So it definitely helps to poke and zoom around this map a little if you want some deeper insight into what your area looks like according to the Census. More counties coming tomorrow to give a bigger view of the Houston region, as well as fleshing out the DFW area with this view.

Map: Total Population (default) – CVAP
(right click and open in a new window for full-page view of each)


And, in case it’s of interest, here’s the overall counts for population within each demographic majority group … as well as a count of what the composition of the “Multicultural” area is.

Total Population
Share within:

Anglo:    1,255,991 (30.7%)
Hispanic: 1,364,031 (33.3%)
Afram:      365,937  (8.9%)
Multi:    1,106,500 (27.0%)


Within Multicultural:

Anglo:    315,778 (28.5%)
Hispanic: 385,002 (34.8%)
Afram:    260,216 (23.5%)
Asian:    121,224 (11.0%) 


CVAP Population
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Anglo:   1,167,680 (53.2%)
Hispanic:  221,615 (10.1%)
Afram:     335,370 (15.3%)
Multi:     470,845 (21.4%) 


Within Multicultural:

Anglo:    157,690 (33.5%)
Hispanic: 132,964 (28.2%)
Afram:    127,910 (27.2%)
Asian:     46,433  (9.9%) 

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Currently there are "3 comments" on this Article:

  1. bruser says:

    can you post the kmz file so we can over lay the Houston city limits so we can do our own redistricting?


  2. gregwythe says:

    CVAP by block group: http://bit.ly/gKxzkJ
    Total Pop. by block group: http://bit.ly/frkpgF

    Of course, COH redistricting has to be drawn by voting precinct.

  3. bruser says:

    Thank you

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