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The Demographics of Travis County

UPDATE: CVAP map now added, as well as the math associated for population share in each group. As expected, the African-American part of the county comes out a bit more strongly in the CVAP version. But the % that lives in an Anglo-majority block group takes a significant jump up as well. I'll create one of those newfangled side-by-side maps whenever I get around to it tomorrow.


Alright, instead of designating a week to a particular portion of geography, I'm calling this week "Excuse me while I get as much done wherever I need to get it done now" Week. Reason being that next week is the House Redistricting Committee's hearing on State Rep seats. That means I'm in full-scale research mode for as many parts of Texas as I can get my hands on.

Yesterday was a day spent making some early rounds at the Capitol, which ultimately ended up with a lot more number-crunching and map-churning on my part. So, in the spirit of throwing stuff on the blog as it pertains to the research tools I trade in, here's Travis County's demographic map by Census Block Group. Again, the color markers denote which demographic group has 50% or more in that block group. Red for Anglo; Brown for Hispanic; Black for African American; and yellow for no majority (Multicultural).

Obviously, Travis County has a lot more Anglo Dems, which makes this particular map a lot less daunting than, say ... Collin or Denton. As always, the data is in the info window for each group, so feel free to poke & click to your heart's content. I need to get around to the CVAP map for Travis particularly quickly since the university obviously has a big impact on some of the numbers around campus. I think the African-American population should jump out a little big more when that happens, also. There are a number of groups where their share is in the 40% range, so their share of the county looks a bit under-represented in this particular map.

For now, the numerical breakdowns are as follows:

Share within:   Tot. Pop.         CVAP
Anglo:       539,383 (52.7%)   456,190 (73.6%)
Hispanic:    268,000 (26.2%)    34,190  (5.5%)
Afr-Am:        6,026  (0.6%)    15,260  (2.5%)
Multi:       210,857 (20.6%)   114,395 (18.4%)

Multicultural:  Tot. Pop.        CVAP
Anglo:        79,038 (37.5%)    46,375 (40.5%)
Hispanic:     73,908 (35.1%)    35,030 (30.6%)
Afr-Am:       34,032 (16.1%)    24,335 (21.3%)
Asian:        18,436  (8.7%)     6,077  (5.3%) 


Map: Total Population (default) - CVAP
(right click and open in a new window for full-page view of each)

ADD-ON: Neglected earlier, but here are the raw population counts for total population and CVAP. Apologies that the 18+ counts and maps are getting neglected lately.

             Tot. Pop.          CVAP
Anglo:       517,644 (50.5%)  406,039 (65.5%)
Hispanic:   342,766 (33.5%)  126,798 (20.5%)
Afr-Am:      82,805  (8.1%)   55,209  (8.9%)
Asian:       58,404  (5.7%)   22,439  (3.6%) 

TOTAL:    1,024,266          620,035

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