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The New Demographics of Bexar County (cont’d.)

Here's the individual demographic versions of Bexar County. Click, zoom, dive, and otherwise enjoy killing time over what remains of the weekend. For the Google Earth-enabled, here's your file for looking at this on the greatest tool created for a computer since Pac Man.

Map: Anglo (default) - Hispanic - African-American - Asian
(right click and open in a new window for full-page view of each)


The color gradiation and percentage breakpoints are identical to the ones used for Travis County, which has a lower threshold for displaying African-American population. There's not a great deal of Asian population to see in this one, but it's always interesting to see how people settle, even when the numbers are small. What's particularly interesting among the Asian population settlement is how much of it is in areas where new housing developments have gone up in the last 10 years. Not terribly surprising, but interesting to see it jump out so evidently when you zoom into those block groups.

             Hispanic     Anglo   Afr-Am     Asian
dark green     65%+       60%+      50%+       20%+
green          50-65%     50-60%    35-50%     12.5-20%
light green    35-50%     40-50%    20-35%      8-12.5%
gray            0-35%      0-40%     0-20%      0-8%

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