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Chasing Obama 2012: Juggernaut?

Q2 numbers are all fully disclosed now and Team Obama has $37M in the bank after raising $46M for the campaign account. The DNC adds a $39M haul. The Washington Post offers up an overview of the fundraising effort. Never fear, Congressman Darrell Issa is on the case “an array of potentially illegal fundraising behavior.” I guess it beats looking for ways to balance the budget. Meanwhile, techPresident spots a job opening that I wish I had the skillset for.

Now, about those candidates chasing Obama ...

More or Less “In It”

Mitt Romney ... He's back from London and finally has an opinion on the debt ceiling debate. Not surprisingly, it's an answer that's very similar to all the other GOP hopefuls. Romney was also met with a replay of the 1994 Senate campaign attack ads against him, including an un-aired ad. On the plus side, Romney is leading Huntsman in Utah. Iowa's not looking so hot for him, though ... so no straw poll* in the works for Team Mitt. That makes it Florida Straw Poll or bust.

Michele "Choot-Spa" Bachmann ... a week after the Des Moines Register showed a statistical dead heat in the state between Bachmann and Romney, the Iowa Republican and Magellan Strategies show Bachmann in the lead. In big-issue stuff, it seems Bachmann was asked to resign from a church she used to attend. Good timing since people are now wondering about the church's views on Catholicism.

Tim Pawlenty ... TPaw vs Lady Gaga. TPaw vs Michele Bachman. TPaw vs CoCo. I'm not sure if that's going uphill or downhill. Pawltenty also picked up the endorsement of Ohio AG Mike DeWine and started the week off on Meet the Press. Walter Shapiro has a good overview of the Pawlenty campaign in TNR. It may be a bit early to draw too many conclusions about Pawlenty's fate, but Shapiro specializes in the early primary analysis and there's typically a lot of useful insight that he captures at this phase of the campaign. As for the campaign news, reassurance is the word of the week and big bucks for Iowa TV are the budget item of the week.

Herman Cain ... Speaking of 1994-era skeletons in the closet. John Stossel gets a live serenade out of the man. Cain also takes a hard line on the big issue of the day: a mosque being planned for Murfreesboro, TN. Sayeth the pizza magnate ...

"It is an infringement and an abuse of our freedom of religion .... And I don't agree with what's happening, because this isn't an innocent mosque."

Jon Huntsman ... The WSJ offers up a small bit of hagiography and goes from anti- to pro-.

Ron Paul ... Aside from announcing that he will not run for re-election to Congress, the Texas Tribune's Ross Ramsey gets a placement in the NY Times for a farewell piece. Meanwhile, IA and NH get a new anti-debt ceiling ad on their TV sets.

Rick Santorum ... Q2 numbers are finally released and for Santorum, it comes to just over half a mill. Look for an RV-pool of Santorum, Johnson, and Roemer (and McCotter?) any day now. USA Today, on the other hand, offers free ad space. Santorum also picks up an edorsement from a failed IA congressional candidate.

Thaddeus McCotter ... "The thought of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) being president is a bit scary." - McCotter's hometown paper. With a rep like that, I guess I suddenly see the wisdom of trying to hit payday with a bigger campaign while nobody knows you.

Buddy Roemer ... Turns out that the big rally in Bossier City wasn't the announcement after all. It was just a pre-announcement, announcing that at some random point in the future, an announcement will be made in New Hampshire. Bigger question: will more than 200 people show up for the New Hampshire gig? Roemer does get a video segment with Slate's David Weigel, which has to be the pinnacle of attention for Buddy this century.

Newt Gingrich ... The bad news is that half of his $1M campaign debt is on private planes. The good news? ... at least it's not Tiffany's.

Gary Johnson ... This space still reserved for when Gary Johnson makes news.

Addicted to Publicity “Thinkin’ About It”

Rick Perry ... When he's not on the phone with IA and NH power brokers, Perry pairs up with SC Gov. Nikki Haley to pen a Washington Post op-ed against raising the debt ceiling. The Texas Tribune lands an investigative eye on Perry's security detail costs, while McClatchy looks at his spending record as Governor. Can you imagine if the home-state media had been as curious about all of this during the 2010 campaign?

Even Slower News Weeks

Rudy Giuliani ... Still dreamin'.

The Candidate Formerly Known as the Former Governor of Alaska ... Newsweek still loves her. Can you imagine if they fawned over a Democratic candidate for President? ... complete with modeling shoot and centerfold? Do you think for a minute someone might scream "liberal bias"? Yeah, funny how that works. Or, in this case, doesn't work 😉

* - on a techie sidenote, I notice that the Ames Straw Poll tickets have QR codes on the ticket. Seems like a good idea to see more of that for event tickets.

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