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Empty Lot Primary: Summer Update

A few belated COH updates for the record: Erik Vidor has the cold hard numbers for the 7/15 finance reports posted, while Kuff adds some context to the numbers here, here and here.

And on the Empty Lot Primary front, the most up-to-date standings are as follows ...

Eric Dick - 24
Brian Cweren - 21
Jenifer Pool - 10
Chris Carmona - 5
Melissa Noriega - 4
Elizabeth Perez - 2
Louis Molnar - 2

There's not quite a Peter Brown among them just yet, but we're still in a relatively quiet period of the campaign.

Many thanks for the photos all around town from a number of different people. You know who you are. If you happen to peruse the offerings, you'll notice that we have our first official freeway overpass sign, although it doesn't strike me as something the campaign itself did. We've also gotten our first "recycled campaign sign" entry and even a few out of town examples (here and here).

The signs should start popping up more frequently once we get past Labor Day. Some of the submissions we've gotten include those that may very well have permission for their placement but still represent an "empty lot" style placement. A few others that are being sent in are those that qualify as questionable visual pollution, but maybe not a pure, pristine "empty lot" type of placement. My sense for the latter is that they can be judged however the viewer wishes to judge them: benign or blight.

Ultimately, what we're looking for are those examples that truly break the law or those that (at least visually) represent no actual voter endorsing the candidate whose sign is placed on property. By the time things kick in to high gear, I suspect that we'll have a much better sense of who fits into using political campaign signs in that manner. For now, keep the photos coming in.

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