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The Bandit Sign Fines Begin

October 4, 2011 Politics-2011 No Comments

The fines are starting to come out. And guess who’s first up on the board?

Days after Mayor Annise Parker announced a crackdown on illegally placed campaign signs, the city has sent Eric Dick notification that he faces a fine if he does not remove two signs on city right of way on the 1400 block of West Gray.

Dick responded through the media.

“My campaign did not put out those signs. I am not taking them down,” Dick wrote.

He faces a fine of $100 to $500 per sign, according to the city ordinance. City Attorney David Feldman said last week the city is likely to issue fines of $200 per violation.

In looking up the address where this violation is reported, it looks like this was on or near the West Gray Multi-Service Center. If you’d like to help continue having Eric Dick fined so that he reimburses the city for the cost of illegal sign removal, feel free to submit a photo of any illegally-placed Eric Dick signage to the Empty Lot Primary.

The fines seems to threaten a diversion of campaign funds away from his family members who are paid to place the signs illegally. Maybe Dick will be a bit more creative in trying to hide his spending on campaign sign placement parties at Captain Benny’s on the upcoming 30-day-out report.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest that every campaign is in violation at some point between now and Election Day. But I think everyone in the city knows who the worst violator is by now.

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