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Waiting for Something I Already Have

More confounding stuff on the intertubes:

Imagine this: You are walking around the Galleria and want to go to Discovery Green for a concert. But you're not sure what bus to take.

In a few months, you'll be able use your smart phone to find METRO bus stops, schedules, and eventually real-time, next-bus arrivals.

Ya know what? I really don't have to imagine this at all. Because I have a smartphone now (yay, Android!) and use Google Maps to tell me this. I use it for just about every bus trip I make, including ones where I really know the time of departure (truth be told, I have a bad habit of consulting Google about all major life decisions). No need to wait a few months. No need to clutter my phone with a new app. No need to see how someone without Google's experience in UI and online cartography irons out some of the rough spots that a well-conceived, pre-existing app already doesn't have.

Here's the jist:

I sincerely hope that METRO got this app for free, because it would have been a waste of money otherwise.

The realtime info/radio upgrade that Mary blogs about is something that genuinely is well worth the wait. A couple of things that I'd like to see with this ability is that bus stops have some sort of display for a next bus and that METRO opens up the service so that outside folk such as myself can build some of the tools that other cities have seen sprout up from outside of the transit agency.

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