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2011 Early Voting Map for Harris County

October 21, 2011 Politics-2011 No Comments

Locations & hours below. As always, you can vote in any Harris County location if you’re voting for City of Houston.

Oct. 24th -  Oct. 28th    8am - 4:30pm
Sat, Oct. 29th            7am - 7pm 
Sun, Oct. 30th            1pm - 6pm
Oct. 31st -  Nov. 4th     7am - 7pm

Feel free to poke and prod and find a location convenient to you. Or, if you’re in need of driving directions, here’s a version of the map that’ll help with that.

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Runoff 2011

December 12, 2011

Belatedly … DISTRICT A Helena Brown 3,035 55.5% Brenda Stardig 2,435 44.5% Cast Votes: 5,470 DISTRICT B Alvin Byrd 3,029 49.2% Jerry Davis 3,127 50.8% Cast Votes: 6,156 AT-LARGE POSITION 2 Kristi Thibaut 25,945 49.8% Andrew Burks 26,156 50.2% Cast Votes: 52,101 AT-LARGE POSITION 5 Jack Christie 30,600 54.2% Jolanda Jones 25,819 45.8% Cast Votes: […]

At Large Returns: ‘Hood by ‘Hood

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Picking up where I left off with the hood-by-hood analysis, here’s all of the At Large contests below the fold … At Large 1 Anglo Dem Neighborhoods Costello P-Galvan Boates Cook ————————————————– Heights 61.4% 5.3% 21.7% 11.6% Meyerland 65.1% 4.2% 19.4% 11.3% Montrose 74.3% 4.9% 10.9% 9.8% Rice U 72.2% 3.3% 15.6% 8.9% African-American Neighborhoods […]

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A little bit of reminder on how these calculations are done: I’m not perfectly defining the entire neighborhood with each definition below. I am looking at about 5-7 precincts that cover the area of each neighborhood. In some cases, that may mean that 100% of the neighborhood is accounted for. In some, that may mean […]

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Here’s the simplest view of the At Large 2 race that I can do for the time being. This is basically a heat map for the top three candidates. If I wanted to be thorough, I could do another with combined Burks/Shorter vote and another with combined Perez/Fraga vote. Those would amplify the showings for […]

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No doubt, this is the most bi-polar map we’ll see for the 2011 election in Houston. There’s a lot of ways to interpret this and I think it’s very possible to look at the results for this contest and conclude that either JoJo or Christie has a leg up for the runoff. Historically, African-American precincts […]


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