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Mapping the 2011 Mayoral Result

November 14, 2011 Politics-2011 No Comments

More like this will be coming in the days ahead. For now, here’s the Mayoral results with color coding explained below the map. The individual precinct results are in the map’s info boxes when you click them. So click, poke, prod and explore.

A few candidate requests will be fulfilled tomorrow, but otherwise, I’m pretty gosh dang busy. So I hope this tides you over till I get back in front of the blog tomorrow evening.

full pageGoogle Earth

dark blue – 65% or more Annise Parker
blue – 55-65% Annise Parker
light blue – 50-55% Annise Parker
purple – 45-50% Annise Parker
pink – 35-45% Annise Parker
red – 0-35% Annise Parker

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