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Interim Map for Harris County Commissioners Court

We have an interim map for the county. Here's a first attempt at filling in the blanks of Dave's Redistricting App with the map shown in the judge's order (pdf). Click the image below for a bigger view. I'm in the process of Google-fying the map for later today. For now, Pct 2 is the darker blue of the districts.

It's basically a status quo map that does away with the population deviations, making it suitable for 2012 purposes. The outcome of the full Section 2 lawsuit is still pending. You can get a visual sense of the difference from the plan that passed Commissioners Court here.

Since Precinct 2 is the district under the most dispute, here's what it looks like under this map:

Pct 2 Demographics

Total Population

Hispanic ... 61.1%
Anglo ...... 27.0%
Afr-Am ...... 8.5%
Asian ....... 2.4%
Other ....... 1.1%

Voting Age Population

Hispanic ... 56.3%
Anglo ...... 31.4%
Afr-Am ...... 8.8%
Asian ....... 2.6%
Other ....... 0.9%

The baseline for the map was 60.0% Total Population Hispanic and 55.2% Voting Age Hispanic. Both of those bars are cleared by more than a full point.

The most relevant election data for the district is as follows:

CONTEST       D       R     WINNER
2010-GOV ... 49.7 - 48.5   Bill White
2008-PRES .. 47.6 - 52.4   John McCain
2008-SEN ... 51.3 - 46.8   Rick Noriega

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