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Aggre-blogging: The Weekend Reading Litany

A minor compendium of news items and think-pieces read during a so-called vacation …

» Rest in peace, Vaclav Havel. He was exactly the sort of anti-communist that any good rock & roller could relate to. It’s a shame his plays aren’t available on the Kindle for a quick read on the ride back home. I’ve been meaning to find an excuse to read “The Garden Party.” A podcast from this reading may have to suffice.

» Another big important Ron Brownstein read, this time on the economic status of the over-50 set.

» I’ve said on a few occasions that the views on illegal immigration by immigrants isn’t necessarily as clean and easy (or even supportive, for that matter) as many on the left might like to think.

» But the opposition to dealing with the above situation can certainly seem more predictable.

» Suburban Bhutanese … kinda has a ring to it.

» Jesus loves Tim Tebow. He just doesn’t wear it on his sleeve. And Jesus’ take on Tom Brady is pretty spot-on, also.

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