Caught in a Flood

Yesterday’s commute, along Westpark:

I left for work later than normal – 9am. The driver opted to pull over and wait out this flood for a while. Got to work sometime around noon. After a while, he moved up to another resting point and it happened to be alongside of a Starbucks. So I had a brief period of productivity leeching off the Starbucks wifi.

One point of conversation for the day involved Rebuild Houston. You can barely make it out from this photo, but there’s a drainage backup that’s spewing upward to the right of the car. For about two minutes, it was spewing like a whale. I’m not about to suggest that less than a year of funding for projects should totally do away with scenes like this. But aside from the fact that I think the project was sold poorly on the front side, I don’t think there’s any kind of promise that scenes like this won’t happen years from now after the program has been in effect for a more suitable period of time to show some impact.

We may end up with some newer pipes here and there. And hopefully a few areas do see some real improvement. I’m told that my church in Montrose got a few inches of water in the building – the immediate area where it’s located is in some dire need of drainage updates. But there will still be floods like this around town. I don’t see Rebuild Houston ending this. So to those who look at the impact of yesterday’s weather as confirmation for supporting the plan … we’ll be having much more discomforting discussions about this over the ensuing years.

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