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Competing Settlement Views: Harris County House Districts

February 14, 2012 2011 Redistricting 1 Comment

A somewhat complicated and messy Harris County view of the two settlement proposals for the House maps put forth by Abbott/MALDEF (Plan H303) and the remainder of the Perez Plaintiffs (Plan H307). The colored-in map is 303 and the outlined version is 306. Just so you can see what they’re arguing over. Coloring is merely for differentiation. I’ve tried to tell the lines in these maps to be white, but they keep telling me that they prefer to remain blue. So while the rest of you exchange Hallmark quotes with your significant others, I’ll be reviewing the Google Maps API. Yeah, that’s how I roll.

full pageGoogle Earth file

SETTLEMENT PROPOSAL #1: A static image of the way it looks on my side of things. Feel free to download the Google Earth file to make it happen on your own. For a better view of the static version, click it to big it …

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  1. Jim Riley says:

    The State wants to keep too much of Pasadena in 144, while Carol Alvarado said that she wanted the west side of the Gulf Freeway until further south, and that she thought the southern portion of Pasadena was more like the East End and near North Side.

    Voters in southwest Houston were denied their own district because someone who lives on Macgregor can represent them, and putting the CVAP/VAP in 137 up over 50% was too risky.

    130 and 132 have enough population for 3 districts, and another district should have been added there, while two districts were removed elsewhere. 143 and 145, the two least populous districts should have been merged along with 133 and 136.

    The 12 current minority districts in Harris County have a population equivalent to 10.5 districts. The above plan would increase that to 11.

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