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Pre-Weekend Cache Clearance

February 17, 2012 College, Politics-2012 No Comments

A minor gaggle of updates and recommended reading for things slipping past my ability to find time to blog about them …

» Cougar baseball season begins today. I’m not expecting great things from them this season, but I am committing myself to the occasional Sunday afternoon game just to find some excuse to get back around campus and enjoy a little school spirit. First up, the Blue Hens of Delaware. I really want to see mascots there. Next week, Stace and I fight it out via our alma maters: that’d be Texas State for Dos Centavos.
I believe we may be joined by other bloggers, as well.

» Slate: Obama’s White Whale
Good reading for dataheads.

» TechPresident: How Low Can You Go? Why the $3 E-mail Ask is Working
Good reading for techheads.

» Christianity Today: The Best Ways to Fight Poverty—Really
Good reading for do-gooders.

» Note to self: get me a hound dog sometime in the foreseeable future. Also note to self: ignore Westminster preferences for best of breed.

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