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Your New Tattoo (non-Van Halen version)

» Chron: Tattoos spread Montrose church's Lenten message

Oh great, my church is "artsy" now ...

Hang a few original works of art on the walls, hire a resident artist and I guess these things happen. At least they didn't mention the Good Friday service done with no message ... just Scott Erickson painting while a medley of Radiohead tunes blare out over those in attendance.*

Here's the gist of it ...

Like some other Baptist and evangelical churches that have adapted traditionally Catholic practices for Lent - which began on Wednesday - and Easter, Ecclesia has put on interactive, experiential and art-driven Stations of the Cross exhibits for the past few years.

With Stations on Skin, the church tells the timeless story in a new medium and a different style.

"We're going to have a lot of people who don't go to a church and who are in the tattoo culture," said Seay. "We hope that as you pause and look at this art, God will speak to you about who he is and what he's done for us. I want to declare to them, 'Hey, you're welcome here.' "

I'm staying as far away from any needle looking to put ink under my skin as I possibly can. Its not a theological thing, so much as a complete and total fear thing. Still, the reasoning behind it ... I like. I've spent the majority of my time as a Christian not feeling terribly comfortable in church culture - something that has nothing to do with tattoos. If a project like this makes it more encouraging for folks with tattoos to either find a church home or even start the journey, that's all the better by me.

The artist for the tattoo work, Scott Erickson, spells out the process that went into this here. And if you really want some deeper theological reasoning behind it all, there's about six sermons you can listen to in the "Gospel & Culture" series over at Ecclesia's website. Scott himself covers a fair bit of this ground in Part 4 if you're looking for a one-time listen. Chris continues to threaten future efforts to engage in "crochet culture" in many of the others. And quite frankly, that terrifies me.


* - Seriously, I fail to get Radiohead on any level whatsoever, but last year's version was pretty cool.

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