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Aggreblogging: This Past Week’s Reads …

A minor compendium of reading material from an otherwise busy week with too little time to blog.

» National Journal: On Immigration and Autos, GOP Candidates Collide With GOP Voters (Ron Brownstein)

» Washington Post: In Frederick, English language law sows conflict amid Hispanic immigrant boom

» The Atlantic: Why Does Rush Limbaugh Get Away With Calling a Young Woman a 'Slut'? (Conor Friedersdorf)

» Washington Post: Bristol Palin lands a reality TV show

» NY Times: Theocracy and Its Discontents

» Grantland: A Question of Identity

» Oversigning: Tulane University Law School Tackles the Oversigning Issue

» NY Times: Mapping the N.B.A.
Sports as geography. There's nothing to not love about that. I'd love to see this for football, personally. I'm curious to see some sabermetrics for teams pinned deep in their own territory. Better to lob hail marys from the 1? ... or let the running back grind it out for a few extra yards?

» Washington Post: Home designs target non-traditional families

Demographics for ya ...

The houses that appealed to the home builders’ bread and butter clientele for 50 years — mom, dad and two kids — may suit the 20 percent of households who still fit this description, but the other 80 percent, including single adults, married couples with no kids, families headed by single parents, step families and multi-generation households, are looking for something different.

» Galveston Daily News: Where should these folks live?

... and another point about real estate and demography.

» Smithsonian Magazine: The Hidden History of a Rock ’n’ Roll Hitmaker

And last, but not least ...

» NY Times: How Graffiti Goats Became a Symbol of ... Something

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