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A Quick Aggre-blogpost for the Day …

Apologies for the dearth of blogging. The last half of the past week got a bit busy. A couple of things to note very quickly, though:

- Kuff interviewed all of the HD137 candidates last week. Gene Wu is a client, so I'm biased in my preference.

- This week, Kuff gets to CD14, where Nick Lampson gets the grilling.

- Stace moved into my 'hood. He won't last a month.

- Oh, and this happened when I picked up the guitar and hit record. It's not me singing ... I just play guitar.


The latest phase of plucking away at my noisemaker has been to explore some songs that I grew up loving in order to learn from other guitarists and develop a little better knowledge of song structure. This tune was exactly as much fun as I anticipated the project being, although I'm sure the neighbors have a different opinion. Next up is Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." Another Neil Giraldo solo. And if it goes well over next weekend, I might do another Benatar tune to maximize this chapter of the learning experience.

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