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Redistricting: The Personal Impact

April 6, 2012 Politics-2012 No Comments

Two little side effects of redistricting as it impacts me:

- I move from Senate District 17 to Senate District 13, which means that the entertainment value of Senate District Conventions just went up exponentially. I may have to attend one this time around, even if only for anthropological reasons. As far as what it means for who my State Senator is, I guess it’s an upgrade on the merits – lose Joan Huffman; gain Rodney Ellis. They don’t seem to make State Senators the way I like ‘em. But I could do a lot worse.

- Gulfton and a few surrounding areas is also included in the new 7th Congressional District. Yeah – Gulfton and Hedwig Village have a lot to do with one another. But the move means that I’ll now have to concern myself with who to vote for in the primary. Kuff gets going with the interviews for this: James Cargas, Lissa Squiers, and Phillip Andrews. For some reason, losing Al Green for John Culberson really makes me want to revisit that whole “two Hispanic districts in Houston” since that plan had me being represented by Gene Green. Short of Green, there is zero chance of an upgrade in either partisan direction in Harris County. Then again, maybe I’ll see what the commute time looks like from the 14th District after Election Day.

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