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The 2012 Texas Senate District Conventions in a Nutshell …

Welcome to the year 2012, where all the party politics are going to play out different than in years past. Here's a snapshot from the Senate District 13 convention earlier today ...

Go ahead and click it to "big it" if you want to get a full count of those empty seats.

Four years ago, there were apparently 5,000 people. This year ... not even 100. Granted, there's no hot Presidential primary contest to drive everyone crazy. And granted, this is a rare instance where the conventions had to be held prior to the actual primaries.

But still ... 100? By the spokesperson's accounting, SD13 is the second biggest Dem caucus in the state. Around 300 delegates will go to state from SD13 and not even that many showed up to go. What it suggests for the primary turnout should be pretty interesting.

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  1. The problem I had with the district conventions is that the advertisement of our district convention wasn’t really spread until the week before. By that time, I had made weekend plans. If, on the other hand, we had followed the normal course of caucus -> convention sequence, I would have known about it in time. Damn…

  2. The lack of precinct conventions as a feeder for the senate district meetings reduced the turnout. I was told that GOP district conventions countywide drew 1800 or 1900 in 2010 in contrast to about 1100 or 1200 this past Saturday.

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