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» Chron: A little mystery over primary opposition to judge (Patricia Kilday Hart)

I'm a little late to this party, but one thing jumped out at me during the most recent kerfuffle over Elaine Palmer's primary challenge to sitting Democratic judge, Steve Kirkland. PKH covers the internecine aspect of the battle, which is bad enough. A ride through the Third Ward over the weekend for the Senate District convention also saw a number of "empty lot" signs of Palmer's posted on a lot of places where there were no voters to be had. At best, that's just funny. Besides, one location had both Palmer's and Kirkland's signs next to each other.

But some of the other communication that Palmer has done has been worth noting, also. Below the fold is an email from around 3/12. In it, you get pictures of a couple that were "Meet & Greet" hosts as well as another of "Supporters." The problem with this is that the "supporters" aren't really supporters. The photo is a stock photo that anyone can buy for about a buck or two. You can see the stock photo of one of the couples in this email here.

And every other name mentioned in the email as a supporter or host doesn't turn up as a registered voter in Harris County.

A few days after that, the Palmer campaign sent a similar email with the following prayer included in it (emphasis mine):

Heavenly Father...

As we approach the upcoming election for Civil District Judge 215, we ask you to strengthen Elaine Palmer in her commitment to dispense with mercy and compassion. Thank you for preparing her through education and experience for public service. We ask that she continue to be a beacon of hope for those often mistreated by our legal system.

We ask that you touch her opponent, helping him to resist the temptation of dirty politics. So often, desire overrules ethics. We ask that, like Elaine Palmer, her opponent run a campaign grounded in truth and rooted in high moral character.

And we thank you for the opportunity to choose our political destiny without fear and intimidation, a right fought for by those who walked the path of freedom before us.

Bless us, Father, and bless Elaine Palmer.

I think I've crossed paths with Judge Kirkland once or twice back in 2008. I can't say he's one of those judicial candidates that I'd jump and scream about everyone needing to vote for based on any knowledge of him in the past. But stuff like this makes it easy for me to make a point of voting for Kirkland this time around.


Elaine Palmer

About Elaine
Elaine Palmer

A Native Houstonian
Practicing Attorney for 14 years
Graduate of  Lamar High School
University of Houston
Texas Wesleyan University Of Law
Member of Trinity United Methodist Church
Member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.


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Specialists in the mechanics of voting have long recognized that the order in which candidates' names appear on aballot influences voters' decisions. Typically, candidates listed at the top of a ballot earn a greater share of the vote than they would receive in any other position, regardless of their policies and personalities. Now research on voting patterns in local state elections coauthored by a Kellogg School researcher has taken the issue a stage further. It concludes that the first listing on the ballot also increases a candidate's chances of actually winning office-by almost five percentage points.





The results were clear-cut. "In one out of ten elections, the candidate listed first won just because he was listedfirst," Salant recalls. "The first candidate advantage," the paper notes, "comes primarily at the expense of candidates listed in the median ballot position who are 2.5 percentage points less likely to win office than expected absent order effects" (Figure 1). The first candidate advantage was "similar in city council and in school board elections, in races with and without an open seat, and in races consolidated and not consolidated with statewide general elections." In addition, the percentages of winners from specific positions remained similar whether the elections were designed to produce one or more winners.



Special Thanks to Meet and Greet Hosts.



The Wrights support Elaine Palmer
Richard and Rita Wright of Spring smile for the camera.


A special thanks to those of you who have been so gracious in opening your homes to host a "Meet and Greet"for Elaine.
Richard and Rita Wright of Spring, TX
"Buck" and Genny Mathews of Tomball, TX
Marty and Katherine Anderson of Katy, TX

Nguyens at Meet and Greet
The Nguyens are now proud supporters of Elaine Palmer for Judge.

NOTE: If you want to host a "meet and greet" for Elaine contact the campaign at

Message from Elaine Palmer


Elaine Palmer

Thank you to the many people I've met during this campaign for Civil District Judge 215. I appreciate the warm reception I've received in churches, and senior centers, and from people I meet on the streets. I am grateful for the wise counsel I have received.  I am moved by those who shake my hand and share their stories of their fight for justice and ask that when I get elected that I don't forget where I came from, and serve all people fairly. Keep me in your prayers, and join me on this road to become the next Civil District Judge 215.


We can win this together.


Elaine Palmer

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Polling for Palmer
Polling for Palmer





Elaine Palmer Volunteers Chatting
Elaine Palmer Volunteers Chatting

Friends of Elaine H. PalmerSupporters

The Honorable Chris Oliver, Houston Community College Trustee


The Honorable Diane Olmos-Guzman, former Houston Community College Trustee
The Honorable Michael  P. Williams, former Houston Community College Trustee
The Honorable Jew Don Boney, former Mayor Pro-Tem and Houston City Council Member
Georgia D. Provost, Community Icon & Business woman
Jeffrey L. Boney, Community and Small Business Advocate


Michael Neely, Precinct Chair 252


Jacquelyn Baldwin-Doakes- retired HISD Disciplinary Coordinator and Community Activist


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  1. Does her literature actually discuss (in so much detail) her placement on the primary ballot?

    That is… strange… And the Asian couple stock photo thing is even stranger.

    She’s not a serious candidate. But then again, voters don’t know much about judicial races.


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