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The 2012 Primary G-Slate

In what negligible amount of spare time I have before May 29th, here's my biennial check-in on where my personal preferences stand for some of the contested primaries on my ballot. Take 'em for whatever they're worth to you.

State Representative, District 137: Gene Wu
Easily the biggest one of importance to me since I'm still drawn in District 137. Also due to the fact that, professionally, I'm busting a hump or two trying to get the guy elected. I don't think its my style to be half-in for an open seat in my neighborhood. Much of the rationale here is similar to that I used for supporting Mike Laster in his two most recent runs for City Council: having a representative who's been involved in the neighborhood issues means a lot to an area typically overlooked. And much like the most recent race for Houston's District J, there's not a bad candidate running. But just like that year, there is only one clear choice if you want someone who's dealt with the area on a day-to-day basis.

Dem. Party Chair: Lane Lewis
I'm old enough to remember the Claude Jones years. Enough. Lane may certainly be a departure in style and background from the previous run of party chairs we've had. We'll find out soon enough whether that's a good or bad thing. But there's no argument over the fact that the opposing candidate in this race would be another shot in the foot that I don't think we have the luxury of affording.

U.S. Representative, District 7: James Cargas
After doing a small amount of work on the Skelly campaign in 2008, its hard to see how anyone else steps up to the plate with money, resume, background, or whatever and improves the odds. But there are three candidates up for this one and I'll take a semi-respectable showing for whatever trouble its worth to run everywhere.

State Board of Education, District 6: Tracy Jensen
Redistricting happened a hundred years ago, right? I've long since forgotten what the math looked like in the new 6th. However long the odds are, though, its still worth putting the best showing possible against Terri Leo.

State District Judge, 215th: Steven Kirkland
Funny thing is, I don't have any qualms with the attorney who's gunning for Kirkland. And under normal circumstances, I suspect that Elaine Palmer would have far better political advice than she's received this time around. Maybe she would have even payed attention to it long enough to not let anyone know she's as nutty as she's shown. But the secret's out now. So I think I'll stick with the guy who's there now.

District Attorney: Zack Fertitta
I don't have any major hangups with voting for Pat Lykos if the loony Dem wins this race. But Zack's a good candidate with a good resume for the job. I hope people are paying attention to this one.

Sheriff: Adrian Garcia
Seriously? ... why would anyone challenge Garcia in the primary? For whatever reason, they are. So my stamp is down with the guy I lifted a finger to help back in 2008. He's pretty dang good. So I think I'll keep him as my Sheriff.

County School Trustee, Pos. 3: Diane Trautman
I can't say that this is as strong an endorsement or need to prevent some whackjob from being on my ballot in November. But I think Diane's just the right one based on the strength of her resume.

I still have no idea what to even call for a coin toss on some contested primaries for County Commissioner (vs. Radack) and Constable (vs Camus). Both are going to be for nominees that have no chance in an area drawn a bit better for the GOP. Haven't met any of the candidates, so I can't really judge from anything else I've seen.

A few races elsewhere that I don't have any kind of say in ...

State Representative, District 144: Ornaldo Ybarra
Admittedly, I'll be shocked if he wins. The money and organizational strength tends to be behind Mary Ann Perez. But I've long since believed that Ybarra is a great story for the district since it would be great to see the Hispanic community outside of Houston show some strength. Its just a matter of time.

State Representative, District 146: Borris Miles
Here's hoping the rubber match ends here. Still prefer having him as my next-door-neighbor State Rep. There doesn't seem to be any serious money behind Al Edwards this time. And they haven't been successful at just making up sh*% for the 10pm news to air as an unpaid attack ad on Borris. Yeah, I still remember that, KHOU.

State Representative, District 93: Roger Fisher
This'd be a district that covers my old 'hood in Tarrant County. The incumbent, Todd Smith, is looking to move up to the State Senate. This one's a GOP district and normally, I'd care incredibly little. But since the exiting Smith is a Trinity High grad, I feel a little compelled to root on the lone contestant for the open seat that happens to be a fellow alum. It helps that Fisher has also earned the endorsement of Parent PAC. So who knows, maybe he'll follow in the tradition of the pre-2010 Todd Smith.

Anything other than a yawner of a U.S. Senate primary that I'm overlooking?

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  1. Terri Leo did not seek re-election,. Bahorich, a former aide to Sen. Dan Patrick and primary director for the local GOP, favors abstinence-only sex education, and outmaneuvered Susan Kellner who declined to seek the office. Probably will not be as shrill as Leo, but likely to vote similarly. I don’t know her position on other curriculum issues.

  2. Good catch. I’d forgotten about Leo’s exit. Just the same that a good showing be made in a district that sends representatives like her and Patrick, for my taste.

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