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Last Week of Early Voting Aggrepost

A few quick thoughts while the dayjob occupies me 24/7 ...

» Off the Kuff: Early voting after one full week
I'm obviously less interested in the overall, final turnout for the Dem Primary since I'm working in one small slice of the county. The big question with only guesstimates for answers is "What % of the vote comes early and what % comes on the day after a holiday?" I'm not going to engage in too much thought on it, other than optimistically hope that its somewhere around the 50/50 ballpark. If that's the case, then my little corner of the county could see a relatively healthy showing in terms of turnout. Of course, I should add that "relatively" is the operative term here. More on this after the votes are counted.

» Chron: Early voters have hot-button issues on their minds
This is a generic, catch-all newser on the mood around Early Voting in Harris County. One tidbit of interest is that it picks up on a GOTV rally that happened at Bayland Park Community Center (which is where I also spent my Saturday getting sunburn).

» TX Tribune: UT/TT Poll: Runoffs Loom in U.S. Senate Race
I'm not one to put a great deal of stock in the UT/Trib polls, but it seems to be fitting in the pattern that's out there: a runoff between Dewhurst and Ted Cruz. If only the extra bloodletting were a boost for a Dem candidate.

» Wash. Post: Can Obama win Iowa?
It seems like forever since I've been able to give much attention to Presidential politics. But the swing state mood still piques my interest and how this year compares in places like Iowa compared to the 2008 returns will be a topic of serious study after the votes are counted in November. The brief video segment for this serves as a teaser for now.

» NY Times: The Beginning of the End of the Census?
I'm as shocked as you are that the American Community Survey is to 2012 what flourescent light bulb was to 2010. And you've just got to admire the statistical incoherence of a comment like this:

“... in the end this is not a scientific survey. It’s a random survey.”

» A trio of follow-up items on the recent Stryper show.

Back to electioneering. See you on the other side!

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