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Mega Aggrepost for the Week

I'm taking a few days to visit the parental units in DFW thanks to Megabus starting service in Texas today. For 80 cents, I'm blogging (ok, drafting a single blog post) from the front row of a double-decker Megabus, hot-rodding it up I-45. Did I mention the trip set me back a whole 80 cents? Yeah, pretty freakin' sweet!

The busses have free wifi, also. Again ... pretty freakin' sweet. The downside is that with the exception of this blog post, I'll be working while travelling and also while being entertained by mom & dad. With that, here's a bit of cache-clearing to pretend like I'm maintaining a blog while really being bogged down in a State Rep campaign in Southwest Houston.

» Washington Post: Asians outnumber Hispanics among new immigrants to U.S.
Its not Census data, but its still fairly well researched info. In a recent Jeannie Kever Q&A with Texas A&M's Dudley Poston, it was suggested that Chinese undocumented immigrants would outnumber those from Mexico. I'm still somewhat skeptical. But one thing this study helps highlight is the growth in Indian immigration. That's been one of the notable trends in the Houston-area Asian population. Among the notable points from this bit of research was the fact that Indians led the pack among Asians in Sugar Land. The area south of 59 has historically been understood to be more Chinese. And I would have bet a nickel on Vietnamese leading on the northern side.

» Chron: Taking a closer look at STAAR test results (Jay Aiyer)
I haven't gotten knee-deep into STAAR testing, but it doesn't look like there are too many things done well with it.

» FW Star-Telegram: Special-needs student at Trinity High School overcomes odds to graduate
Trae Caster graduates. Nice story and its been fun reading the occasional updates along the way. Nice work by the local media.

» National Journal: 'People Get Along Across the Divide'
An interesting read, and the dedicated site is good for an extended take. For whatever its worth, Harris County is among those that went Bush-04 and Obama-08. Ditto for Dallas and Bexar Counties. Not sure what I'd be able to tell from viewing those counties as an isolated study from major urban counties with more stable election patterns (say, compared against Tarrant, Travis, Jefferson, or El Paso).

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