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» Washington Post: Supreme Court upholds health-care law, individual mandate

The only provision that seems to have been struck down is the one that removes Medicaid funding from states if they opt out of expanding Medicaid coverage. That's a far cry from the Toobin-esque certainy I've expressed that the court will make a political decision against either the law as a whole or merely the individual mandate (which would have been a means to simply undermine the entire bill without overturning it). I'm certainly happy for the sake of the Commerce Clause that I'm wrong about that. For the sake of what I still consider to be an overly expensive re-write of health insurance law, not so much.

It will be interesting to see what happens to popular opinion of Obamacare and/or the individual mandate as a result of this decision. Also worth watching for is how the "repeal and replace" argument evolves. There's still an election to go through and for all those who think that the ACA was health care reform, it'll take that election to truly uphold the law before much of the bill goes into effect.

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