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Another Irregular Aggrepost

Just another assortment of links I've been reading that might be worth a delayed recommendation for others. What's known as "regular" blogging should resume a few weeks from now.

» National Journal: Southern Bellwether
North Carolina holds a fair number of parallels to Texas. For that reason, I'm hoping that Team Obama sees fit to put ample resources into winning the state a second time.

» The American Interest: The Democrats May Not Stay Long on Obama‚Äôs Chosen Path (Walter Russell Mead)
Mead's take is a bit thin on the Judis/Teixeira understanding of the Democratic Party coalition. But it's not without some merit. There certainly is some existing cleavage between Clinton-style Dems and the more current Obama-style iteration. But crackups of either party are generally overrated. At the end of the day, parties are in the business of getting elected, not conducting philosophical discourse. Newton's laws of motion apply to politics, after all.

» Des Moines Register: Battling for every Iowa vote
Not surprising to me that Iowa would be a tougher battle. Should be interesting to see what the late polling looks like here.

» The New Republic: New Data on Obama's Massive Demographic Advantage (Ruy Teixeira)
More like this, please. I tend to be dismissive of tales about how demographics are going to totally alter the landscape in 2012 since much of what we saw in 2008 was the result of those very same demographics coupled with peak interest in a Presidential election. I'm not expecting to see many signs of turnout being the same as it was in 2008. So the decrease is likely to offset some of the change seen in the previous four years. That said, while Teixeira's number crunching is of a great deal of interest, there's still the reality that demographics don't translate equally to votes right now.

» Washington Post: Chris Hughes, once a new-media pioneer, makes bet on old media with New Republic
Definitely not Marty Peretz's ship anymore. And that's a good thing as long as TNR maintains some of the ideological diversity they're known for.

» Slate: Clotted Cream
I've been sorting through some reviews of Christopher Hayes' "Twilight of the Elites" and this stands out as a decent one. So what if I missed it from six weeks ago or Hayes' book didn't jump to my attention because I'm not overly receptive to new lit from writers at The Nation? I'm sure there will be massive quibbles to be had if I follow through with a full read of Hayes. But it seems like a end-cap to a re-read of Robert Bellah's "Habits of the Heart" and maybe Robert Putnam's "Better Together". I'll give the book a preview in the Kindle before deciding to commit to a self-styled trilogy.

» Nick Clegg speech on social mobility
Another oldie. This one was referenced in a more recent David Brooks column. The speech is far more interesting than the column.


One time-killer that I have still found a bit of odd time for:


Not a lot of time to spend learning cover tunes or extending some drills such as this into fuller ideas. But still more fun than it should be.

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