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Primary Runoff 2012: Early Vote Locations

Early Vote locations for the impending runoff elections ...

Dates for taking care of business are from Monday the 23rd to Friday the 27th. No weekend voting. Hours of operation are 7a to 7p all week. Thursday and Friday could be the two days some of us aren't watching paint dry at these locations.

Interestingly, the one location that's changed in my neck of the woods impacts the primary race I'm working. Typically, any change in locations is a bad thing because not everyone checks about 10 times a day and while I typically get good readership for anything I post with a map, I'm certain that there aren't enough readers within the district for this to be considered suitable notice of said change.

But the location that is changed, is changed to something closer to the district and probably closer to most voters in the area. The Alief location is significantly smaller in terms of where HD137 Dems go to vote, but I'll obviously be looking to see if the change has any perceptible impact on turnout.

Voting locations for E-Day, as Campos has noted, is a great deal more chaotic. HD137 will have nearly half of it's vote likely coming from one of the nine polling places operating on the 31st.

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