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HD137 Mapped Out: Runoff Style

State Rep contest mapped out below. Dark blue is Gene Wu, light blue is Jamaal Smith. Click on a precinct for the results therein.

View HD137 Runoff Results in a larger map

This basically broke down to an asymmetrical contest with Gene chasing voters in single-family homes and Jamaal chasing voters in apartments. Once we saw our level of success in the Primary round, the Runoff was probably one of the smoother and stress-free elections I've worked on. Given how the first round played out, there aren't really any surprises in the second round.

I'm obviously proud to see Sharpstown and a lot of the other neighborhoods I'm familiar with supporting Gene to the extent they did. And I'm even more giddy to see that my precinct full of apartment-dwelling voters did the same (Sorry Stace, but so did yours). I'm pleasantly surprised to see how resilient Gene's strength was in Alief (the two most southwestern boxes - 503, 508). He did incredibly well there in the Primary, winning a majority in both boxes despite them being a base for Sarah Winkler and having enough diversity there for everyone to get a decent slice of the vote.

With a little luck now, maybe I'll get around to picking up a shapefile of the county precincts and doing some mapping of the countywide races.

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