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Primary Mapping: Dem 215th District Court

August 14, 2012 Uncategorized 1 Comment

Continuing on with some old Dem Primary mapping ….

Next up is a look back at the contentious race for the 215th District Court nomination between Elaine Palmer and Steve Kirkland. In this contest, Palmer would go on to win, 61.5% to Kirkland’s 38.5%. There was obviously a lot more going on in this contest besides where each candidate went from their respective starting point demographic bases.

That said, Kirkland’s areas of success don’t extend too far beyond the Anglo Dem and Dems-among-Republican voters on both the westside, Clear Lake, and Kingwood areas. Palmer did very well in Hispanic areas, which is something a bit counter-intuitive. I’m not sure how much activity Palmer’s backers put into Hispanic neighborhoods or if the flood of anti-Kirkland mail that every Dem voter got just clicked with those voters.

The most obvious missed opportunity that I think I see for Kirkland are those Dems-among-Republican voters in the northwest part of the county. Why they’d vote differently than similar voters on the westside or Clear Lake isn’t immediately clear to me. It might not have been enough to swing the vote significantly closer, but it’s a healthy reminder that Democratic voters outside of city limits probably deserve more attention.

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  1. Justin says:

    Was there no local Democratic help for Kirkland in NW Harris County? There was in Clear Lake.

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