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Primary Mapping: GOP Party Chair

This contest seems to have been under-emphasized based on the closeness of the outcome and some of the issues aired out by Republican bloggers. But in case you missed it, Party Chairman Jared Woodfill almost lost. The final outcome was 52.6% Woodfill to 47.4% Paul Simpson.

And yet, unlike the County Court 2 outcome, the geographical pattern here is more of a scatter plot diagram. Woodfill certainly seemed to struggle a bit in the River Oaks/Anglo Dem corridor, but split a lot of turf in the westside/Memorial precincts. On the whole, it just looks like it would have been a challenge to have a good feel for the outcome. If it were a more important contest, I'd probably want to pick about 20 or so neighborhoods, grab 3-5 big precincts from each, and see what those results may show in terms of relative strength around the county. But this was still a fairly low-profile race that didn't seem to revolve around Establishment/anti-Establishment issues and I'm not sure I'd equate Simpson as being a challenger from the mythical "Tea Party" wing of the GOP. There were personal issues, to be sure. And Woodchip's background as a trial attorney usually comes up in some negative contexts when he's not looking good. But those don't often translate into clear geographic divides.

Anyways, poke and prod the map to your heart's content. Again: dark-red = Woodfill; light-red = Simpson; white = no votes.

full page - Google Earth

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