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A Few Goings On …

October 13, 2012 Politics-2012 No Comments

23 days until the blogging calendar opens up some more. In the meantime …

» Sen. Mario Gallegos still in grave condition today.

» Mayor Parker recommends Janiece Longoria for Port Commish, while Jack Morman seems to want Steve Stewart. Interesting since the Longoria-Corgey fight over a board spot was a notable loss for the Mayor in 2010. Also interesting since it may not be a given that she wins this fight.

» The Republican candidate for Ft. Bend County Commissioner is nailed for voting twice in two states for the same election back in 2008. As a fan of the incumbent County Commissioner Richard Morrison, I could not be more pleased by this. And it bears pointing out that the single biggest restriction that Republicans want to put on voters would have done absolutely nothing to prevent it.

» I’m woefully behind on catching up with Kuff‘s interviews on bonds and referendums on this year’s ballot. Any supporters of them, feel free to start swaying me. My starting point for things like that is generally negative and the only solid “Yes” so far is Prop D, the Library bond, (nerd that I am) and the city’s Prop 1 & 2 that clean up the charter.

» El Paso schools find innovative ways to game the test.

» Oh, and there was a debate of moderate importance the other night. Funny how Republicans suddenly insist upon a Vice President being polite. We’ve come a long way since 2004.

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