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Aggreblogging for EV Eve

October 19, 2012 Politics-2012 No Comments

Some fleeting thoughts as Early Voting approaches …

» Speaking of Early Voting … apparently, it’s a threat to the American Way of Life. Who knew? It doesn’t seem to have bothered me much, even with our unusually late primaries here in Texas. Talking to voters earlier just doesn’t seem to be very problematic if you ask me.

» Sen. Gallegos passed away on Tuesday. The parlor game of Musical Politicians is underway. I had only fleeting moments involving the Senator, both involving redistricting. What was clear from both instances was that he had a lot of respect among civic leaders and he was definitely a fighter.

» Noted for tonight’s viewing: An Interview with Marsden and Noll on the Idea of America as a Christian Nation

» Finally, a report on the race for CD14 that makes sense. Mathematically speaking, I believe the key in that race will be whether or not Lampson gets 60% in Jefferson County. If he does, he likely wins this thing. And for comparison, Lampson got 68% there in his losing 2004 contest.

» Abby Rapoport on True the Vote. And for good measure, the Department of Justice will be keeping an eye on Texas during Early Vote.

» Some interesting reading on Heather Gerken’s “federalism all the way down”. I still owe myself a reading of “Dissenting by Deciding” after reading the nickel version in Democracy Journal.

» Presently staring at books by Diane Ravitch and Shane Hipps on my Kindle bookshelf. Plus, there’s about 3-4 easy choices for diving into based on a read of the sample download. Here’s hoping the days after Election Day are peaceful and productive.

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