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JerryWorld 2012: Friday Night Lights

The Dallas Morning News crew does a decent job of the one-stop overview of today's games at JerryWorld. It seems to be a pattern that the smaller the schools, the more interesting the games based on my scan of the teams involved today. Today's lineup offers a good contrast in school sizes as we get one game each from 2A, 3A, and 4A.

Yesterday's 1A games definitely lived up to the billing and the handful of college recruited players on display showed they can own a game at the 1A level. Munday's Dee Paul played injured. Stamford's Hagen Hutchinson won the game MVP award for both offense and defense (announced as a first). The late game was more one-sided, with East Bernard leading Corsicana Mildred 28-0 at the half (which was my cue to leave). The final ended at 56-14 and was a good showcase opportunity for EB's Troy Slanina (TCU) and Mildred's Nic Shimonek (Iowa). Most of what I saw Shimonek do was run for his life in the backfield while Slanina ran a pretty disciplined old-school running offense.

I'm a few minutes away from heading out for Day 2 of some great football. And, again, I'll be keeping tabs on twitter and facebook.

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