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In Session

Today, I'm off to settle into a new workspace and a temporary residence in order to work with my new State Representative, Gene Wu, in Austin. Before anyone thinks to call, comment, or text about how exciting any of that is, you should be reminded that I was raised to loathe all things Austin. While I'm always excited to work on behalf of my community in HD137, I'm a little leery of most things Austin-related. So the emphasis for me is on the word "temporary." My intent is to be back home in Houston for as many weekends as possible. So I think that'll stave off much of the homesickness.

My anxiety over changes in geography aside, it's the change that I think is warranted for my blogging habit that warrants more attention. I'm not yet convinced or told that the blog should be iced. I'm not overly concerned if that decision does come from either myself or someone else. But I don't see the topical coverage of the blog shifting toward the legislative session and probably not much on Texas politics. That's a fairly significant limitation to start with. But part of this limitation has to do with the fact that I'm much more eager to flesh out the Texas Political Almanac. That gives me an outlet for organizing my thought and archiving a lot more information that I come across.

Another outlet is that Gene wants to launch a blog to cover much of the work that comes up in session. Time will tell how well that comes to fruition, but we expect it to be something different than what Aaron Pena and Trey Martinez Fischer have tried in the past. We'll have more to announce on that front in a few days.

Given that the time demands of work and my desire to spend more time on the Almanac represent a significant time limitation to what ever else I'll blog about, I think it's fair to say that there will be less written here. Particularly while the legislative session is in gear. Whether that ultimately turns into a once-a-day, once-a-week or just plain irregular posting pattern, I don't know.

Topic-wise, there is always ample news coverage to feed the habit. But I'd probably like to narrow it down a bit and focus more on one or two topics. And I honestly don't know what that would be as I type. I might like to cover City Hall and local news a bit more. But I suspect the need for a less wonky focus might come in handy. So this remains an open question for me. I'm sure an answer will come to me soon.

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  1. Enjoy Austin, Greg. It’s not so bad 🙂

  2. Austin doesn’t sound really terrifying. I am sure there are far worse places to be “stuck” in. Anyway, good luck and blogging about the whole thing would really be nice for your readers.

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