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In looking around for a good football movie, I see that "Something for Joey" has yet to make it as a true DVD or streaming video on Amazon. That's a disappointment ... and also why I'll be watching "We Are Marshall" as a warmup movie. Best Matthew McConaughey movie ever. Or, if you prefer ... his only good one.

» A Former Trojan headed to the Super Bowl
It looks like the Ravens are the official rooting interest for me. Former Trinity High player, Ryan McBean, is up for a ring. He's been injured since pre-season, so he won't be on the field. We're still waiting for the first active roster Trojan and the first starting Trojan to appear in a Super Bowl. No idea how I'll rationalize the Jacoby Jones paradox.

» National Journal: Why Obama Is Giving Up on Right-Leaning Whites (Ron Brownstein)
Catchy headline and provocative thesis. But I can't help but notice that the bulk of the Democratic constituency still identifies as "Moderate." Maybe that flips in 2016, maybe it doesn't. But the lay of the land today has only seen a 10-point swing from Moderate to Liberal within that mix ... and that's over a 20-yr glidepath. Naturally, this is bait for Ed Kilgore. And Hedrick Hertzberg's take is worth a read, as well. But I think the biggest evidence that Brownstein's point is a bit overblown comes from Obama himself.

» Washington Monthly: The Big NRA Flip-Flop On Background Checks
Speaking of Ed Kilgore ... Nice to see him recall the same events of the 90s that I remember. Less nice is the cynical excuse offered by the NRA for their flip-flop on background checks. Just for old-time's sake, though ...

» PPP: Clinton could win Texas in 2016
OK, back to Brownstein. Anyone care to theorize how this could happen in light of Brownstein's thesis? It can't. While I put a worth on polling at this stage somewhere around a plugged nickel, it's worth something for amusement value until we get closer to 2016. Or even closer to an actual Clinton candidacy for that matter.

» PPP: Perry looking highly vulnerable
We're closer to 2014, however. But I still can't help but reiterate my standard operating procedure of not accepting PPP polls when they're an outlier. And since "outlier" in this case means "actually polling Texas", I think this still qualifies. That said, Bill White leading Rick Perry is also worth something for amusement value. Let's see some more polling before we get carried away, though.

» National Review: Purple Texas? (Betsy Woodruff)

And speaking of things recalled from years past, here's Big Republicanism's take on the recent effort to get more resources to swing Texas in future elections ...

Texas’s success could be ultimately self-defeating. The state’s prosperity attracts people from liberal states. If they immigrate to Texas in significant enough numbers, they could affect elections there, especially in House races. But the jury is still out on whether Texas’s conservatism will rub off on newcomers.

This was precisely the argument I heard before I was even eligible to vote: that all the Yankees moving to Texas were voting GOP. At the time, the prototypical "Yankees" were from midwest auto-producing states and similar environs. But in the DFW area where I lived at the time, there were just a lot of white collar workers moving to a state that was still thriving at the time. So the meme was believable. With a few more years to digest how changes like these happen, I'm more skeptical of the past understanding as well as the current paranoia. But it's certainly amusing to see the old trope come full circle.

» NY Times: Islamists’ Harsh Rule Awakened Ethnic Tensions in Timbuktu
There's nothing particularly new or surprising about stories like this one. In a previous lifetime of tracking a lot of news stories about Pakistan's Northwest Province, I'd price events like these at about a dime a dozen. But this recent iteration serves as a decent overview of the current non-AfPak version of Al Qaeda development. At this rate, I'm willing to bet that the next crew to hijack planes (or conduct whatever trendy terroristic activity is all the rage) will have movement origins in a country that few people can identify on a map. Ya know, kinda like Afghanistan in 2001.

» Slate: Amazon Profits Fall 45 Percent, Still the Most Amazing Company in the World (Matt Yglesias)
An interesting, provocative take that Amazon is to the internet what C-Span is for cable TV. I think I'd find it more realistic to believe that one company might do a better job of letting the market cost out any surprises further in advance of the other. But there's no great way to measure the quality of analyst conference calls.

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