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Pincer Strategy Redux

» Chron: Hall launches bid to challenge Parker for mayor

In case anyone wasn't aware ... Ben Hall really, really wants to be mayor. We've now gradually gone through the various iterations of "I'm thinking about it" here, here, and here. If you were wondering if this fourth entry in the slow-motion marathon of Hall's announcement tour through Houston was now complete, the story tucks away the best part toward the end of the article:

No candidate has formally filed for mayor; filing begins July 29 and ends Aug. 26.

So, wild hunch here: July 30th will be another round of "Really, seriously, this time I mean it ... I'm running" stories.

In fairness to Hall, I do think he makes something of a valid critique of Parker on the "leadership vs manager" argument. But that's also a fairly easy argument for Parker to rebut. The bigger, tactical mistake is Hall attempting to recreate the "Pincer Strategy" that didn't work terribly well for it's original practitioner, Gene Locke. There's a big difference between winning broad Anglo GOP support and having a GOP consultant along with a fringe Republican Kubosh brother by your side at one of the way-too-many announcements of your candidacy.

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