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Cache Clearance: Post-Bill Filing Deadline Edition

A simple and straightforward clearing of the cache. Happy reading if you're into that sort of thing. There are redistricting maps out for the session, but I think most folks are hoping there are no fireworks that accompany them. But just out of curiosity, I'll probably find a little time to convert them to a Google map and roll out some data.

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» Reason: The Supreme Court Considers Biotech Seed Patents

» Nate Silver: In Supreme Court Debate on Voting Rights Act, a Dubious Use of Statistics

» Wonkblog: Revenge of the sources

» New Republic: Facing the Facts Doesn't Always Change Minds

» Washington Post: School ‘resegregation’ cited in study

» Bruce Bartlett: Wealth, Spending and the Economy

» Columbia Journalism Review: Fair share

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