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A Very Formal House Redistricting Liveblog

The House committee members are getting to their seats as I type. I expect the level of official action to be lower than those actions that might shed some light on either the floor fight or court case for redistricting today. We'll see when we see ...

9:10 am ... roll call. Darby begins with the three bills that the Senate passed previously. He also gets around to explaining the 9 votes for the House plan. Darby is saying that it neither passed nor failed. But he makes a motion to reconsider it, nonetheless. Senfronia objects with a point of order. Darby then moves on to SB3, which is the Senate bill of the House plan. There's a roll call, members are voting. Darby catches that he needed to rule on the point of order (which he over-rules). The bill finally passes 11-5.

SB4 (Congressional plan) is up after that. It passes on the same 11-5 margin.

SB2 (Senate plan) comes up after that. This one passes 15-1.

Not much in the way of extracurricular activity today. From what I could make out of the House's lackluster RealPlayer video and some semi-attentiveness to the roll calls, it didn't look like Trey Martinez Fischer was in attendance today.

Committee is adjourned. Expect the votes to happen on the floor this Thursday.

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