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Third Reading for House Redistricting

The House is looking to pass the Redistricting maps on third reading today. There are reports that there may be further amendments for the House map. It seems as if not everybody had consistent information on whether amendments were allowable, preferred, desired, or what have you. There were also reports from yesterday that the Attorney General's office instructed the House to stop passing amendments after a caucus meeting. This came after a few different amendments had already passed and other members seemed to be caught by surprise that they were acceptable to the author.

For whatever it's worth, here's what HD137 looks like as of today (unofficially, that is). The shaded is the "new" map in process, and the outline is the version that was used in the 2012 election. There is one more change that we're seeking to make on third reading and it probably remains to be seen how that process will go today. And, of course, there's some cynicism warranted that these changes will make it out of conference as the House and Senate have to agree on a final product. For what little it's worth, Sen. Seliger did mention early in the process that the Senate would continue it's practice of accepting House amendments to the House map, just as they might expect the House to agree to Senate amendments to the Senate map.

View HD137 - Plan H350 in a larger map

I'll add any updates that are warranted or liveblog the debate if the going gets good. Michael Li has a good overview on the debate as a whole.

I just got back in front of my Kindle at about 1pm as Gene was laying out an amendment to put Pct 311 back into HD137. Unfortunately, the other affected member isn't agreeing to it and I think Darby is trying to stave off further amendments. So it gets withdrawn, but not until Gene works in some of the testimony that Scott Hochberg had introduced to the 2011 Redistricting Committee and San Antonio court.

Rep. Stickland is up afterward, trying to help Matt Rinaldi beat Bennett Ratliff. Curious to see if the Anchia/Ratliff tradeoff survives this process. After some general overall testiness, SB3 passes 93-46. House goes into recess for an hour (or so).

Post-Lunch Update: After the lunch break, the remaining business is much cleaner ..

SB4: No extra discussion. It passes 93-47
SB2: No extra discussion. It passes 109-30

We're adjourned until Sunday at 2pm. Look for some debates on transportation and lady parts. Maybe some mention of conferees to sort out the House map (SB3).

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