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Micro-Aggreposting for the Day

Stuff I'm sneaking a peak on during an otherwise enthralling seminar on Election Law ...

» Washington Monthly: A for Effort
I'm guessing this book may be part of the argument for increasing "rigor" in public education curriculum (curriculi?). I think it's a worthwhile discussion to have over what constitutes a rigorous curriculum. But it may be too simplistic to say that this means a return to the Algebra II requirement as a one-time stamp of approval that "We have achieved rigor." There should be more discussion of what it means to be have a rigorous curriculum, whether we need to just jack up the standards in the way of harder courses, or ... maybe ... if we shouldn't view it as a longer-term challenge. Oh, and possible side topic of whether demographic/language challenges complicate that and, if so, how to overcome those challenges. Maybe those conversations go on in a lot of places I don't notice. But they're certainly not permeating the public domain.

» Daily Beast: The Destructive Rise of the No-Government Conservatives
One polemic point for the day.

» Texas Watch: Ten Years Later: How House Bill 4 Has Harmed Texans
Ok ... make that two.

» NY Times: The Great Wall, Our Way
If you were trapped in an all-day Election Law seminar, I'd like to think that you engaged in a little bit of escapism, too.

» After Detroit: Which muni bonds are riskiest?
Beware if you hold bonds for Wilson County Memorial Hospital District! But the story on Littlefield, TX selling bonds to build a privately-operated prison that now sits idle seems like a learning experience.


» Wash. Post: How the Obama campaign won the race for voter data

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