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The Kevin Kolb Era: Coda?

Looks like it just isn't meant to be ...

Kolb was the most notable transaction. He was supposed to compete with rookie EJ Manuel for the starting job, but that contest didn’t materialize.

Kolb had a knee injury early in training camp, left the team for a funeral in his family and then suffered a concussion in the third preseason game. The Bills couldn’t afford to leave a precious roster spot vacant while they waited for Kolb to recover from such a serious and unpredictable injury.

Now there are concerns his career could be over.

Kolb went in with more to prove that he wasn't deserving of the label "injury-prone" than whether he had the tools to be an NFL starter. One rubber mat and a knee to the head later, and I think the guy might be best off taking his savings and start the next chapter. A damn shame, but it is what it is.

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  1. Stilling holding out hope he signs a settlement deal and finds a job with another team this season. (hello NY Jets). According to Marrone, retirement is the farthest thing from his mind. Would it be better for his health to retire now? Absolutely. When you think about it, any player is a major concussion or injury away from retiring from the sport. Kolb seems to be a fighter since back in his high school days so I’ll bet we haven’t heard the last from him.

  2. I can’t say that I’d mind seeing Kolb do just that. The “injury prone” label is just as likely to vanish after a breakout season. That was certainly the hope this season on my part.

  3. Perhaps he could still pull a Kurt Warner type career. It is unfortunate that Kolb started playing around the same time the NFL became more cautious about concussions. I mean, his career would have turned out differently without the strict concussion protocols. Guys like Aikman and Steve Young wouldn’t have near the number of games played in their careers considering all of the concussions they sustained if they played with the same rules as today. In any case, hoping for the best for Kolb. I know he has the talent to do well in the NFL.

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