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With apologies to Supertramp ...

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Among the topics missed during a brief personal outage of blogging the world as it spins by, there seems to be the matter of Wendy Davis announcing her campaign for Governor. I'm sure there are a million tangents I'd like to explore about the matter, many of which involve numbers and maps and such. But since all the other so-called cool kids are launching a little bit of a moneybomb for Wendy's campaign, here's my contribution to pack mentality.

Sadly, I chipped in a little on announcement day and that qualifies for my rounding-error level of giving this month. If you've not broken open the wallet for her campaign and consider yourself a supporter, this might be a good time to do so.

Having been involved in Bill White's campaign for Governor in 2010, I'm obviously a bit jealous of the momentum that Wendy begins with. The campaign already seems off to a good start with this first video:

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