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Houston Election: Runoff 2013

For all the incumbents offed over the weekend, none were terribly surprising. On the city level, each was a definite embarrassment in their own unique way. And the HCC incumbents who lost had some legitimate concerns about the value they were adding to that board. So the uneventful. My notes on the results are as follows:

- For all the backward steps that City Council has taken over the years in terms of quality of representation, David Robinson has some potential to offset that. Not just because he replaces someone who wasn't up to the job - but because he fills the gap left by Melissa Noriega, who is replaced by ...

- The One True Felix! We'll see soon enough what he amounts to as a member of council. Will he be Mayor Parker's biggest headache (as he suggested in his run in November), or will he be a productive, earnest member of council (as he suggested in his run in December)? I think it was a wash that either Morales or Kubosh would be a worthwhile member of council since they had already made a habit of telling so many different constituencies so many different things about what they would be on any given day. But votes are votes. And we'll see what Felix amounts to when they start accumulating.

- Yes, I will genuinely miss Helena Brown. Thank you for your concern. It's not simply that I think City Council deserves at least one attractive member of council (as simple a thought as that may be) ... but because I have a fairly low opinion of Brenda Stardig.

- More substantively, HCC gets a bit of an upgrade after the embarrassment known as Dave Wilson gets elected in November. District V is my turf. I'm not entirely sure what to expect of Robert Glaser, but it wasn't enough to prevent me from voting for him twice this year. HCC is a critical driver for Houston's workforce, regardless of what one's opinion is of the institution. I've had a few great meetings with some quality unelected types at HCC who do some great work to improve the quality of students they send out into the world. Here's hoping for the best out of the trustees. First up is to see who they select as Chair of the board.

COH District A
Brenda Stardig   2,734  (51.1%)
Helena Brown     2,615  (48.9%)
COH District D
Georgia Provost  1,691  (29.9%)
Dwight Boykins   3,960  (70.1%)
COH District I
Robert Gallegos  1,819  (52.7%)
Graci Garces     1,634  (47.3%)
COH At Large 2
Andrew Burks    16,354  (49.3%)
David Robinson  16,831  (50.7%)
COH At Large 3
Roy Morales     15,824  (46.4%)
Michael Kubosh  18,258  (53.6%)
HCC - District 1
Zeph Capo               1,569  (53.0%)
Yolanda Navarro Flores  1,392  (47.0%)
HCC - District III
Adriana Tamez    1,706  (52.5%)
Herlinda Garcia  1,543  (47.5%)
HCC - District V
Robert Glaser    2,013  (59.6%)
Phil Kunetka     1,364  (40.4%)

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  1. Without Brown, there will be no one on the City Council to worry about the nation of Greece.

  2. I always loved it when she played the Greece Card.

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