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Only the Hardest of Hard News Would Bring Me Out of Hiatus

Long time, no blog. My apologies for that. Normally, I would at least make some feeble excuse for neglecting my constitutionally-protected right to free speech. Rest assured that I bring momentous news to blog about upon my return ...

» Rolling Stone: The Long Kiss Goodbye: The Search for Vinnie Vincent

The story is of some interest to the relatively high-brow Rolling Stone due to KISS' induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, the induction did not go along with the massive concert jam that we're accustomed to by the newly enshrined. Turns out there was just enough bad blood between all parties to nix that. The original four did manage to save some nice words for their induction speeches, at least.

And in a perfect world, there would be a stage full of Vinnie Vincents, Bob & Bruce Kulickses ... perhaps even an Anton Fig sighting or an homage to the late Mark St. John. But to mention KISS to a child of the 70s or 80s is akin to mentioning the Beatles to a child of the 60s (or anyone else for that matter). There are only four names anyone cares about. In this case: Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter. And that's all that the HOF officials wanted to show off.

Yet, within the KISS Army exists a strain of thought that holds the belief that it was Vinnie Vincent alone who kept the band on track through the 80s, writing era-appropriate material that kept them in arenas and out of the downward spiral through the club circuit. I tend to share that belief. But, then again, I also picked up a copy of Vinnie's solo CD, Boys are Gonna Rock, eagerly and unapologetically.

The Rolling Stone does a decent job of updating the status (if not the whereabouts) of one Vincent Cusano. Most of the twists and turns, I've kept tabs of over time. The latest being some odd discoveries of dead dogs in his back yard after some accusations of spousal abuse. But since then - not much to report.

There exist a handful of musicians from the 80s who somehow boggle the mind over their lack of output since their glory days. There are some sporadic recordings of Vincents' since his second and final Vinnie Vincent Invasion album in 1988. All horrible dreck. Plenty of guitarists from the era went on to reinvent themselves after the years they're most known for. For some reason, Vinnie never proved capable of that. A darn shame, I think. Even if his material from the 80s was decidedly over-the-top, it at least provided some fun for those of us who struggle to play well short of that.

Anyways, I promise not take time off from blogging until the next obscure artist from the 80s gets a write-up. But just to make sure, there is some new material out by Jake E. Lee and the singer from Stryper has a new solo release and biography coming out in early May. So there's that to look forward to.

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  1. Yeah, I read that. Strange even for rock and roll.

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